How to use Hangman

This tool is designed to help you perfectly hang paintings, frames, or any wall decorations you want evenly spaced.

  1. Measure Your Wall: Begin by measuring the total width of the wall where you plan to hang your items. It doesn't matter what units you use, as long as you're consistent
  2. Input Wall Width: Enter the total width of your wall in the 'Total Wall Width' field.
  3. Measure Your Items: Measure the width of each item you want to hang. Note that this requires all of your items to be the same width. Sorry.
  4. Input Item Width: Enter the width of your item(s) in the 'Width of Thing to Hang' field. Use the same units as you used to measure the wall.
  5. Decide on Quantity: Determine how many items you want to hang on the wall.
  6. Input Quantity: Enter the number of items you plan to hang in the 'Number of things to hang' field.
  7. Update and View: Click the 'Update' button to generate a visual representation and measurements. This will show the spacing between each item and the distance from the wall edges to each item's edge and center.
  8. Read the Output: The tool will display the measurements in both percentages and decimal figures for precision. Use these measurements to mark your wall accordingly.
  9. Hang Your Items: Using the provided measurements, mark your wall and hang your items for a balanced and aesthetically pleasing display.

Tips for Perfect Hanging:

Happy Hanging!